Advertise your Blogger Blog with Google Adsense

Advertising blog is one of the most essential and frustrating steps for every blogger. And to deal with Adsense Policies are more than disappointing. Getting approved in Adsense Network is the first milestone for every blog.

The blog needs to qualify minimum requirements like good theme with sufficient contents, Privacy policy, or Disclaimer policy pages along with About page and a contact session. 

In some countries like India, the blogger blog should be a minimum of 6 months old to advertise with Google Adsense. 

After all these steps you need to sign for Adsense. You need to enter your payment details and all during the registration. 

You really don't need to mess with Google. Do it carefully by taking all your time. Google does keep track of all your data.

Blogger may need to associate with Adsense to show ads in your blog. You may need to accept association. After that, you can click on 'yes' on Show ads on blog under the Earnings Tab of your Blogger blog.

Under the Layout Tab click on Edit button present in Blog Posts gadget. There you can decide where you need to show ads between the blog posts. 

You can also setup Adsense widget and customise it along the sidebar or any other place you required. For that click on Add a Gadget > Adsense. Customise it and Save it.

This is one way of Implementing ads on your blog. You can also directly add the ad code into your theme by getting ad code from also.

The best way is to select the Adsense Auto Ads. It uses machine learning to determine the type and location of the ad in your blog. You just need to paste the code only one time in your theme.

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