Backlinks SEO - 7 ways to build high quality backlinks for website

When you start your blog and wanted to rank on Google, you may need to consider adding high-quality backlinks from high authority pages to your new blog posts.

So, What are backlinks? Does it have a direct impact on SEO?

Backlinks are commonly referred to links that are pointing to your blog posts or product page from other websites. Basically, it is a link to your website URL.

Backlinks SEO

Building links, otherwise known for creating backlinks to your blog post will surely impact your PageRank on Google search results. 

The more pages referring to your sites, your blog post or product page has more chances to rank on the top position of the search results.

Why Backlinks SEO is important in ranking on search results?

Backlinks represent votes to the pages they are linking to. Google or any other search engine bots don't have the resource to check the credibility of the content on your pages.

So, it measures the number of backlinks pointing to your page to know the credibility of the content.

And if the backlinks are from high PageRank websites, the weight of the votes also increases, thus increasing the importance of the linking page to Search engines.

That's not all...

Also, backlinks are important for search engines to find your relevant content on your site. If you have backlinks to your pages from SEO related content.

It signals Google and other search engines to know that your pages contain something similar to SEO content. And Google can rank you based on that topic.

Will backlinks bring traffic to your blog?

Of course, backlinks from high traffic, popular pages will get you referral traffic to your blog. Not only you will get visitors from links from the linking page, but Google will find that your page contains more valuable content. 

And you have more chance to rank faster on the search results.

The two ways search engines use links on any website is to find new web pages on different websites and also to understand where the content should be ranked on search results.

Backlinks SEO is considered as the best off-page SEO technique to boost organic traffic to your blog or website.

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How should you start Link Building?

After you have created your blog post or a new page, you can start link building from other similar in content pages.

simple SEO tips

What should you consider on Link Building?

Here's the thing:

First things to consider is, you need to create backlinks only from trustworthy, popular and high-authority websites to have a good impact on your backlink profile.

Secondly, build links from the same niche. It is always recommended to create links from similar context pages. It can signal Google and rank your pages on topics or keywords related to it faster.

Thirdly, if you are spending to create links from other websites, focus on DoFollow links. The rel attribute in HTML will tell the Search engine bots whether to crawl the link and also pass the link equity.

So, what are the different ways to build quality backlinks?

There are many ways to build backlinks to your content. But you need to follow the best strategy to high-quality backlinks.

Else, all your efforts on link building will be a waste of time.

What are the different types of links?

These include links made to your product page or webpages by other bloggers without any action from your side. Basically, people include your links since they find it fit in their content and is useful for their visitors.

Another type is the links pointing to your website on request. These links can be made by contacting the website owners of your similar niche and asking them to write contents based on your site or adding links to your product page or other web pages in return of something.

And lastly, the links made by yourself by posting your content on comment sections, forums of other websites.

1. Guest Posting on other websites

Guest blogging on the high-authority domain with do-follow links can help you boost your content to the top position on the search results.

What else...?

Even though you need to have excellent writing skills, patience and time for writing to get your content approved on other websites. It is still considered one of the best ways to create high-quality backlinks.

If you are ready for guest blogging, always aim for reputable websites which align with your niche. Make sure their domain authority and number of backlinks they get for each article.

Guest blogging can also get you some targetted referral traffic to your articles. And also help you build a community around your blog/website.

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2. Reach out to Authors around your niche

You should build a relationship with content writers around your niche and build a relationship between them. You can contact them and ask them to share your content on their platform.

In return, you may also need to share his content on your platform as well. Make sure the content you are sharing is always aligned with your niche.

Here's the deal:

Always try to start a conversation politely and share your awesome content with them. If they find it helpful, they may link your content on their articles.

Even though reaching out authors around your niche and sharing contents with them is an old strategy, but it is still good to have a relationship with growing business or authors.

I am a beginner when I write this article. If you need to reach out to me, you are free to contact me through my email from the About section. 

3. Get some links from forums

Most of the links embedded on comments and forums are nofollow links. But you should definitely consider building links from comment section and forums which allows dofollow links.

Using signature on forum comments with a dofollow link to your blog can be a good thing to start.

Remember to only build links from reputable forums. This will have a great impact on your PageRank.

4. Using SEO Tools

Serious in ranking faster on Google search results. Make use of SEO tools like Ahrefs to spy on your competitor's backlinks and steal some from them.

Use the Free Backlink Checker or the paid version from Ahrefs to get insights on the competitor's backlinks, keywords and other strategies you could implement.

What's the real story?

In fact, your research should start with an SEO tool, which helps you go in the right path. Many top marketers make use of SEO tools to build links and many more things to improve the PageRank on search results.

You can also inspect the competitor's backlink profile. And do your strategy to create backlinks from them also.

Build backlinks

5. Build credibility from other platforms

When it comes to building credibility around your niche, content sharing platforms like Medium, Quora, HubPages can be the really a great place to start.

If you can write quality content and make some followers on these platforms, you can convert them to your newsletter subscribers.

Also, this is considered as the best way to promote your online business or blog on the Internet for free.

6. Use of Infographics to create backlinks

Creating stunning infographics for the articles can really help you get backlinks from various resources.

Why does it matter?

After you have published your content with the infographic, share the infographic to platforms like Pinterest. If people find it useful, they may share your infographic and can source your link.

This another great way to build backlinks for your website.

7. Increase social signals

You need to focus on creating and managing social media accounts which have more users related to your niche. Like using Reddit for a developer or coding blog.

Social signals can boost your traffic and is considered as trustworthy. Creating links from these platforms can signal Google your website's relevance.

The best part...?

Google will notice if you actively post new contents and interact with your users with comments. And this can help you boost the ranking of your site for free.

Since this can be easily done by yourself. It is an efficient and best thing you should consider doing right from the start.

So, these are some ways to build backlinks for your website.

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What you need to do before building backlinks?

Backlinks are important for ranking on the top position of Google search results.

But having a ton of backlinks to your website isn't going to help you if you're doing it wrong. And it can negatively impact your rankings on Google.


So, you need to build backlinks most appropriately and efficiently.

1. Relevant unique content

Always publish relevant content according to your niche. It should be unique and should give some value to users.

The content should provide the answers to the visitor's questions in mind. So an in-depth article could solve this problem my explaining everything related to the topic.

2. Build links to long-form high-quality content

You need to have sufficient content in your article to boost the ranking with the help of backlinks.

Without having any valuable content in your blog post, linking to these content doesn't work well. In fact, chances are, people will skip your blog without really going through your article.

Always try to write in-depth articles. These can make your users stay longer on your site.

3. Add more Internal Links

You don't want your visitors to go out after they finished their time on a single article. You need to make sure they engage in other articles on your blog.

This is crucial in better engagement and reducing the bounce rate. Also, try to reduce the outbound links. So that the link equity or link juice isn't shared too many.

4. Use of images and videos

Most visitors find it easy to read infographics than long-form content. First-time visitors always look at the entire article before they start reading.

If you include images and videos in between your content, the possibility of staying can significantly increase.

5. Conclude your article with the best

This part of your article should be the best of best. Because most visitors read this part first, later they scroll up to see the actual content in the article.

Wrap up your content on your conclusion in the best manner possible. Also, give them options to share and engage with your content.

Your content is what make backlinks. People think before they share your content. It should be valuable for them to include your links in their platforms. So make sure your content is great.
Write high-quality long-form content

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Final Words

Only with high-quality content, you cannot rank your blog or website on Google search engines. In fact, it takes more effort on various other factors which includes optimizing on-page and off-page SEO.

Backlinks SEO is considered as one of the best strategies to rank your website faster on the top position of Google search results. You need to build backlinks from the high domain authority websites to rank well.

Follow the best suitable strategies I have shared on this article according to your niche can surely help you rank well on search results. I hope you find this resource helpful. If you have anything to add on it, consider commenting below.

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