4 FREE CDN Providers to optimize website speed and security

For reliable website security and performance, you need to optimize your website. Using CDN (Content Delivery Network), you can accelerate your website and improve security and performance.

A website needs to be fast loaded no matter the device type. And nobody likes a slow loading web page, and it can impact the user experience which leads to lost sales.

CDN is the best way to load websites faster to your visitors from the nearest EDGE Location. CDN can deliver your static contents like images, videos, HTML, CSS, JS, etc to your visitors from the closest data centre.

The problem arises when you look at the pricing of CDN providers. Most of the global CDN Providers will bill you based your bandwidth consumption which cannot be affordable for you to even try.

Finding a reliable FREE CDN provider for a website is a headache. If you choose the wrong one, it can significantly impact your website performance.

Also, the features may vary with CDN providers. And you need to choose the best suitable for you. On this article, I share the top 4 free global CDN providers in 2020.

I have already shared about two free reverse proxy and CDN service you can use.

The List includes:
  • Cloudflare
  • ArvanCloud
  • Hostry
  • Jetpack

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List of free CDN providers

Here is the list of top best Content Delivery Networks:

Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

I have already written some articles on Cloudflare on this blog. Cloudflare provides the best in class security, DDOS protection and free CDN for a website.

Why is Cloudflare first in the list?

It powers more than 20 million Internet assets with POPs of 200 data centres around the globe. And there are no limitations on Bandwidth or HTTP connections. And the good thing is that we can start with a free plan.

Cloudflare offers reverse proxy service which hides your website origin IP address under theirs. All the connections will go through their network. And they do prevent large DDOS attacks on your website with any limits. Also, the CDN service provided by Cloudflare provider is really awesome with caching on the nearest data centres of the visitor.

Cloudflare is not just a product/service, it is a solution for most problems on managing a website.
 It has useful features for many developers out there. The addons of Cloudflare include Workers, Apps, Access, etc... It even acts as a Domain Registrar with no markup fee. 

Read more about the plans available in Cloudflare here.

They do provide free Universal SSL/HTTPS support for any website with simple easy setup. And allows you to redirect to HTTPS version from HTTP connection made by the visitor.

Starting from the Pro plan, you will be able to use Web Application Firewall WAF if you need more security for your website. Also, you will get more page rules (up to 20), image and mobile optimization.

Recently Cloudflare also introduced cache analytics feature from the Pro plan.

The downside I found with Cloudflare is that you'll need to use Cloudflare Nameservers to use the service and the number of page rules is limited to just 3 ("Cloudflare is still a business")

But I'm pretty sure that the Internet as of today would not have evolved so much without the contribution from Cloudflare. In particular to their free plan.

ArvanCloud Technology for CDN

This particular service not only provides CDN and security but offers wide services which include Video Storage, video ads, cloud computing, etc...

They aren't as popular as Cloudflare but they do provide a free tier with some limitations. Unlike Cloudflare, it's business modal is not based on a fixed charge, it works like pay as you go modal.

On the free tier, it allows free 50GB of incoming and outgoing traffic, 1,000,000 HTTP requests and a 200 cache purge.

It currently allows basic DDOS protection and helps you set up multiple page rules for free. They do provide many options on their dashboard. ArvanCloud is an emerging business and we can expect more on the updates.

Hostry CDN

For a small website or blog, this CDN provides up to 10GB traffic from EU+USA data centres and 5GB traffic from the World in the free plan.

This CDN can be used by beginners. Even though it has limited features, it has POPs around 52 cities and also provides origin shield on the FREE plan.

And the best thing is that there is no additional price for HTTP Requests. But you will find a lot of difference in this CDN than the above CDNs I have mentioned.

Jetpack for Wordpress

The best in class Unlimited image and static files CDN for WordPress. It also has many features that every WordPress blog should install the Jetpack plugin.

It provides Brute force attack protection from malicious logins. And also help us to safely backup all the website data in the paid plan. Take a look at the comparison of Jetpack plans.

Jetpack can be efficiently used with all the FREE CDN Providers I have mentioned above.

CDN Share on the market

When it comes to the entire Internet, 3.48% of the entire websites on the World uses the Cloudflare CDN for delivering assets to their website visitors.

And other top 7 CDN list only contains paid CDN providers.

Now you may know why I have placed Cloudflare on the first list.


Final Words

FREE CDN Providers like Cloudflare allow you to save a huge amount of your bandwidth cost and improve the security and performance of your website. Finding the best CDN which is suitable for your need is one challenging task.

I hope you find this article to find the FREE CDN Provider for your website.

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