Get started with Email campaigns in 2020

Ever think of setting up an email campaign to get more engaging traffic to your blog.

Sending targeted email campaigns can really help you boost your traffic and leads.

And sending emails to your subscribers can bring them back to your blog and it helps you in sticking your visitors around you.

Today in this blog post, I don't actually want to show more statistics related to email marketing and its importance or success rate. I want to generally speak on generating traffic with email campaigns.

What is an email campaign?

An E-mail campaign is a marketing strategy to send an update or information of something to multiple recipients at once.

It is an efficient way to inform your e-mail subscribers about the updates, offers and other contents. And it is considered as one of the best strategies to get back a visitor to your website.

When we talk about an email campaign, we could definitely say about the targetted audience with the topic of interest.

Email campaigns can be used to send marketing emails to a specific group based on their area of interest, account plan on your website, location of the subscriber and many more.

You can also target a group of subscribers by segmentation. And it is commonly used by many marketers to get your subscribers to do specific actions like upgrading plan, engaging on contents, etc...

Can email campaign generate traffic to your blog?

Yes, it is still one of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog.

It can help you build a good relationship with your subscribers and when you send an email campaign, you are directly contacting your subscribers. 

And there is more chance that your email subscribers to open, read and click on links you have embedded on the mail.

Email marketing is considered as great when it is compared to social media marketing in terms of generating leads. And it indeed is one of the most effective ways.

Which is the right moment to send out an email campaign?

Sending your emails to your subscribers should be at the right time. If you send emails when your subscribers are engaged in other activities.

And even if they check the inbox later, the chance of opening your email campaign will be less.

On the other hand, if you send out emails during the usual mail checking periods, or while online. The open and click rates will be high.

So, what is the best period?

Morning period is a great Idea. Send your newsletters to their bed. 💖

Around 6am is a good time. You have more chance to increase the open rate of your email campaign during this period.

During Lunchtime is another good time to send out your emails.

And from the evening since most people will be using this period for checking social media, emails, etc.

And you have more chance to convert your subscribers to paid users especially after 7pm.

Types of email campaigns you can send

You can send newsletters daily, weekly or monthly depending on your budget.

But your campaigns can be based on: 
  1. Welcoming emails
  2. Verification emails
  3. Seasonal emails
  4. Promotional offers
  5. Notification or Announcement emails
  6. Product Update newsletters
  7. Simple newsletters
These are some of the different types of campaigns in email marketing.

Depending on the situation, sending emails to your subscribers can vary. You should also focus on the design of your template depending on your campaign or need.

For example, when we send a verification email, the body of the email should be very minimum with a medium or large button to activate the subscription or other activity.

Else, people might not find the email helpful or readable. You may need to also focus on the subject line, headings, images according to the campaign type.

Best practices to design a template for email campaigns

There are many tools available online to create a beautiful template for your email.

You are free to choose anyone. But if you use services like SendinBlue make use of the templates page to create a beautiful and simple design according to your campaign.

How to generate traffic with better design?

Design of your template, along with the placing of your links plays an important role in high CTR (Click Through Rate).

Use of call-to-action buttons, images can really attract users to click on them. These are needed to be responsive to every device. No matter mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Headings, footer and body should be separated in a manner that it is easily identifiable.

The best practices in Email campaigns

Use a double opt-in

Send your email campaigns only to people who have confirmed your newsletter subscription.

You need to make sure of you are sending mails to only the active and engaging contacts.

Test before you send

Always send a test message to yourself before you push the emails to subscribers. This will help find the mistakes in your email like typo errors design bugs, etc...

And also check if the links are properly added and working fine.

Give users control over their preference and subscription

Always try to group subscribers into different lists according to their preference. Give them the option to enable or disable notifications or newsletter through email campaigns. 

So, give control to your subscribers.

If subscribers want to stop receiving emails from you, give them an option to unsubscribe. Make the link in the footer with a font size to the minimum. 

Don't try to encourage them to leave with buttons or medium font size.

Use simple and descriptive content in the email

Make sure your subject line attract each subscriber to open the email.

And your body should be well written with sufficient headings and notes. Do not ever try to spam your subscribers with providing multiple affiliate links everywhere on the email.

Also, relevant images according to the topic can help you in more conversion.

Add call-to-action buttons

Try your subscribers to engage in your website content, by adding buttons like 'Read More',  'Buy Now' buttons.

Encouraging your users to forward your email or sharing the email content can be implemented.

Let your subscribers engage with your email.

Schedule your email for the subscribers

You should definitely consider sending the emails to your subscribers on the best time of the day.

I have already explained it on this post. You may need to refer it again.

Track your email campaign

Track the open rate, click rates and unsubscribed emails and use this data for sending future email campaigns.

Some email marketing tools available

There is plenty of email marketing software available for you. Let me list some services.

SendFox: Free and Unlimited email marketing service for anyone. It is so easy to use. On the free plan, your sending will be throttled per month. 

In the time of writing this article, your emails are throttled to 60 recipients per hour on the free plan.

And the paid plan is super awesome, it is for a lifetime. You just need to select the number of subscribers and pay for it. Delivery is instant and will not be throttled on the Lifetime plan.

SendinBlue: Another good email marketing tool which allows you to have unlimited subscribers. On the free plan, you will be able to send 300 emails per day.

In addition to email marketing, it also features other functions like customer relationship management.

Mailjet: Similar to SendinBlue, it allows Unlimited subscribers. You will be throttled to 200 emails per day on the free plan.

MailBluster: An awesome service created with the help of AWS (Amazon Web Service). It allows you to send 62,000 emails per month for free with AWS service. You will need an AWS account to use this account.

Final Words

Make use of email campaigns to drive more traffic than just relying only on organic traffic. You need to expand the traffic from other sources like social media, referrals, emails, etc...

Doing the email campaign on the right path can help you to build a community around your brand. Every business should take time to consider building email lists to expand its reach.

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