Is it good to use content rewriters like Quillbot for your blog post?

It takes effort to create useful blog posts. 

You need to research the topic you are writing before you start. Only then will have the content to write.

But people need the shortest way to get things done.

That's why people copy content from other blog posts and include it on their blog. Since no one needs their content to be plagiarized.

So, people use automatic content rewrites or paraphrasing tools available online.

One best tool I find online is Quillbot.

What is Paraphrasing or content rewriting?

Paraphrasing is the process of rewriting any content. For that, sometimes, we change the structure of the sentences in a paragraph. Or changing/replace the words to almost similar in meaning words.

Here is one example of Paraphrasing.
Original: She is good at English.
Paraphrase: In English, She 's good.

Both sentences convey the same meaning, but they are not exact.

The above example is done using Quillbot.

Is it reasonable to use paraphrase tools?

You know, paraphrase tools help you escape plagiarism. But is it right to use?

Paraphrasing is also considered as a type of plagiarism. And it is regarded as the easiest way to curate more content for a blog post.

I do not actually recommend you to write an entire article just by rewriting an existing item. Instead, you can sometimes use to rewrite one or two sentences in your article to make it useful.

So, what is a paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing tools available on the Internet try to rewrite the content in your text automatically.

Tools like Quillbot use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rewrite the paragraphs you submit. These tools use natural language processing and other techniques.

Can you use Quillbot for Plagiarism?

No, you shouldn't do that. It's not a good practice doing that. Use your own original content to rewrite it. On Quillbots FAQ page, they have clearly stated that 'no guarantee of paraphrased material to pass a plagiarism test.

Will Paraphrase help in SEO?

I can't really say about it. Search engines like Google won't penalize your blog for plagiarism, but they will filter out the duplicate results from the search.

So you may need to make sure your content stands out.

In some way, paraphrase can make your content stands out. But still, your whole content should be different in a unique way. 

What about Grammar?

You definitely need to take care of the structure and grammatical errors in your blog post.

If you are not that great in writing articles and need someone support, use it.

Else you can use tools like Grammarly for writing your content. It can detect simple grammatical errors in your content.

For premium users, you will be able to check the plagiarism for the content, and it will show some more advanced errors in your content.

Paraphrasing tools and SEO

You need to consider this if you use paraphrasing tool:
  1. Do not paraphrase any copied content from any blog.
  2. Paraphrase your own content using tools like Quillbot to make it better.
  3. Do not use any ordinary tool for Paraphrasing. Some tools available on the Internet is not at all useful for anything.
  4. Make sure the paraphrased content has the same meaning as the original.
  5. Finally, remove the grammatical errors in your content.
These are the tips I would like to give to you. You can follow these to make sure your blog is not affected by Google updates in the future.

Can I use Paraphrasing on my blog posts?

It is sometimes better to use paraphrasing tools like Quillbot to rewrite your sentences.

As I already mentioned several times that you should only rewrite the content which you have written. Do not use plagiarized content for Paraphrasing.

It is not recommended by me.

Although content rewrites can often help you avoid plagiarism, it shouldn't be used for that.

But you need to careful in choosing the right tools for Paraphrasing.

I have experience with them. Some really produce the worst output. You will not be able to even read it correctly. Always select the best one for Paraphrasing.

How to use Quillbot?

To use Quillbot, you need to visit the web address

There you will see two fields. The first field on the left/top is used to paste or write your content. And the area on the right/bottom will produce the output when you click on the Quill It button.

You will have the option to select 3 modes on the free version and 5 on the premium plan.

The modes available are Standard, Fluency, and Creative on the free version. Suggestive and Concision is also added for the premium plan.

You will have the option to use word flipper. Scroll it to adjust fewer or more synonyms for the content.

The accuracy will be more for fewer synonyms, and it will be low for when you use more synonyms in your content. 

For the premium plan, you can use the various extensions available with them. It includes Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs extension.

These extensions can be beneficial for anyone and ease the process of Paraphrasing anywhere.

Quillbot also helps you to summarize any article easily with Summarizer Tool. And is available on the same website.


It is recommended that you paraphrasing your own content to improve the sentence tone and readability.

Make sure to check the grammar and meaning of the rewritten content to ensure nothing is wrong. 

Use the perfect tool for Paraphrasing. The use of the wrong tool can seriously make your content miserable.

Consider these above tips when you use Paraphrasing tools.

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