How to drive organic traffic to your blog or website?

To expand your blog views organically, you need to boost the domain authority. How to improve the website domain authority?

You need to follow all the SEO guidelines to boost the domain authority. But for that, you need to focus on something else.

A decent number of high-quality long-form content, good site speed on mobile and desktop platforms, responsive blog design and strong on-page SEO will indeed help you improve your search results on popular search engines like Google.

So, what are the things you will need to consider for better ranking? Of course, you will follow all the good practices for proper growth. Algorithms are constantly changing. 

And at some point, there will be more than algorithms to rank pages on the search result. And those days aren't far enough. 

You need to have unique content on your blog. It does matter the most because search engines like Google filter the duplicates out of the search result.

And it is not at all good practise to copy-paste plagiarised content from other blogs. It can negatively affect your website or blog on the search results.

People use tools like content rewriters to escape plagiarism. Is it good to use content rewriters like Quillbot for your blog post?

Not at all. It can affect the trust level of your blog. And this can directly/indirectly affect your domain authority on some keywords in the search results.

Another thing you need to consider is about the freshness of your blog content. Always try to update old blog posts if you see a sudden drop in traffic to the article. This can boost SEO better.

Google likes fresh content, and they always keep the updated content on the first position on the search results. So you have more chance to drive traffic.

So, How do I improve/increase the page rank on Google?

  • A good quantity of unique high-quality content
  • Update the outdated copy.
  • On-Page SEO
  • Fix broken links
  • Improve the user experience with great design.
  • Add a sufficient amount of internal and external links.
  • Create backlinks to your articles.

There are more things to drive traffic to your blog, but these can also help you grow your organic traffic.

Another important step you need to do is focus on a low difficulty keyword when you write an article for your blog. Usually, long keywords can drive more search traffic since people search for long keywords suggested by Google Search itself. 

And long-form articles tend to rank on Google search results. So when you write an article for your blog make sure it has at least  400 to 800 words.

Do not forget about the quality and uniqueness of the content. As I have already told you about this.

What SEO tools should you use?

Use of SEO tools like Ahrefs can easily help you figure out the right keyword which could drive more potential search traffic to your blog.

If your website is new and you don't have much money to start with Ahrefs. Make sure to use Google Webmaster tools to analyse your website.

The simple strategies to boost SEO

I have already discussed many times on the importance of backlinks in driving organic search traffic to your blog.

So, what can I do to increase the organic search traffic?

Writing only high-quality long-form content for your site will not help you move forward. You need to tell your site is worth for many audiences.

So let's go into the different methods:
  1. Guest posting on other websites. Surely it helps you receive your first traffic to your blog.
  2. Share your content on Social Media. This is the most recommended tip. Also, make sure to grab some followers through Social Medias.
  3. Promote your articles through Facebook, Google Ads to reach the targeted audience.
  4. Add more engaging and quality content to your blog.

Final Words

Follow the best SEO practises for winning on Google search results, for the targetted keyword you are mainly focusing.

Your unique high-quality long-form content can surely help your PageRank. Thus it will boost SEO and bring more organic traffic to your blog or website.


  1. How to add subscribe button on homescreen in blogger?

    1. For this purpose, you can embed a form and style it using css.


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