Creating an Android app by drag and drop for free

Creating an Android app is always time-consuming. That's where drag and drop come to action. It is important for faster app updates in terms of design and functionality.

When it comes to organisations, app updates are frequent and they can do it without much bugs and issues. But when an individual comes to developing an app and try to update the app. There are lots of technical difficulties and is a time-consuming process.

Google Play Console issues you will be facing

 Also if you are trying to publish your app on Google Play store, it is noted that Google will suspend or terminate your app without much information and with cooked up template messages. This is very bad for every developer out there.

Google currently doesn't have developer-friendly support on their platform. You will be facing lots of automated pre-made message templates from Google when it comes to Google Play developer console.

These are some reasons I would suggest a fast, easy and friendly Android app creator. There are plenty of android app creators available online. Most of them are paid ones. Most probably costly too with limited options to customize.

Choosing Android App Maker Online

So you need to select the best option available for everyone. When I say everyone, it should be a free one of-course. Since there are always users who need a free version.

I prefer This is an awesome website to create an Android app for free. Lets you able to upload to Google Play store for free. And indeed helps you in making money with apps absolutely free. 

There is no cap on how much users your app can get. There are many features available with AppCreator24 which will be really helpful in making your app.

You can show your blog feed, youtube videos, social contents, create forums and chats. And many more to customize.

Another important feature of AppCreator24 is it allows you to manage ads on your app, giving you 80% ad space to show your own ads from your preferred provider. Rest ad space is reserved for them to show their ads. And that is negotiable.

It also shows statistics of your app usage and downloads. And is pretty awesome for those who need to get some analytics. It also has a contact section, where users can directly contact you through the app without leaving the app.

Concluding AppCreator24 is a great option for those who want to create an android app to make money online with ads.

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