The importance of Guest posting on SEO

The best way to improve SEO is creating high-quality backlinks.

Guest posting on other web pages is one way to build backlinks.

And with good content, you will have more chances to get your articles on Google search. You will also need to have reliable and better strategies to rank on Google.

So, what is guest posting actually is...?

Does it really have an impact on Search engine optimization?

These are the thoughts you will have. And I think you can find a solution to this article.

Guest posting is a method used to improve the SEO of a website. It is done by writing content/articles on other websites and providing links back to our own website/blog.

Through guest blogging, you can get decent traffic to your website based on the viewers of the site you are posting.

This is a really great thing to start from the beginning of your blog. It can help you bring targeted readers to your blog/website.

Why should you do Guest Blogging?

There are many factors which improve the SEO of a blog. Guest blogging on another website with backlinks can significantly help you rank on Google.

Many bloggers who find success with blogging do guest posts to ensure sufficient traffic and link juice is received. Here are the statistics of the Guest posting by Bloggers.


Why Guest Blogging?

Following are the benefits of guest posting:
  1. It increases the domain authority of your blog for the common keyword or niche you are using.
  2. It helps to capture more readers for your blog. Instant traffic can be achieved through guest blogging. 
  3. Not only just readers but the targeted audience to your blog. And has a high chance of becoming followers or subscribers.
  4. People will be familiar with your identity on the Internet. Your online presence and authority will improve when you Guest posts more on a particular topic.
  5. It helps in growing followers on social media as well. When your followers' list expands, you have more audience to share your content later. This is really great for any blogger out there.
  6. Getting more shares for your content. It can really help your content to be shared by others on social media. This will again drive more traffic to your blog.
  7. Help you build backlinks to your website/blog. And this is one reason people do Guest posting on other sites.

Things to remember for guest blogging?

What's your goal by doing Guest posting/blogging? You should think about it first.

The most common answer is for backlinks and getting traffic.

But what else can you do with guest blogging?

Before you start guest posting, keep in mind that you'll need to create an identity in the space out there.

Why should you focus on Identity/authority in Guest blogging?

Identity of yourself is vital in the guest blogging. This can help you receive more followers than simple readers.

Your identity brings trust to your content. This, in turn, will give you followers.

Without this simple step, you may end up receiving only a spike in the traffic for 1 or 2 days.

Improving or building authority in the space can give you sustained traffic flow to your blog/website.

People will always stick with a healthy person who shares good content.

If your identity/authority is persuasive in guest blogging sites like Quora or Medium, you can receive more traffic to your website/blog.

What about backlinks? How do I create backlinks in guest posts?

Adding links back to your site is really important. You should really need to take care of it in the content.

I prefer adding at least 3 to 5 backlinks in your article on a single guest post according to the length of your essay.

You should also add other external links other than your own websites.

Make sure not to add so much of unwanted links to your website.

This is bad for your identity in the guest posting site.

It is essential to add the backlink in the correct place with the exact text for the link. When I do short guest posts, I make sure to add my second link as a backlink.

Second links on short guest posts can really convert well.

This can help you, Link Juice. What is link juice? 

The value and authority of certain links pass from one page to another. This is commonly referred to as link juice.

Note that if you focus on creating more backlinks, make sure to guest post on multiple websites rather than one or two high authority websites.

Traffic is another reason for guest posting.

Of course, driving more traffic to your blog/website made easy with guest posting on high traffic websites like Medium and Quora.

I personally choose Quora for guest posting for driving more traffic to this blog. And creating an Identity is also supported on this community platform.

How to increase traffic using guest posting?

Use simple tactics in your content to encourage clicks to your website.

Ask question links like 'Did you know that....?' 

Also, give them to do some action on your website/blog. This can increase traffic to your blog.

Note that you are not doing guest posts to increase the bounce rate. You need your visitors to engage with your content and follow or subscribe to you on social media.

Although you will see spikes in traffic when your content become popular

How should you use Guest blogging?

If you're a guest blogging just to link to your article without caring for the readers of the guest blogging site, let me say it's not how you do it.

You need to think differently.

If you are new to a guest blogging site like Quora. You will need to first write content for that website and readers.

After gaining some popularity or followers, you can edit/update the content you have shared on their platform with backlinks.

Make sure to use guest posting correctly.

Don't make your content too short.

Clearly explain your content, even if it can be ended with little words. Give something to read.

The use of images can really grab the attention of many readers. I recommend you to add at least one or two images for every content you write.

Don't worry about plagiarism. Sometimes it happens when you write the same content over and over again.

But you should really check the readability score of your content. And make sure everyone can read and understand your content.


Guest blogging can really improve your traffic as well as SEO.

When you do guest posting on other websites, make sure to follow or consider the tips I have provided in this article. It really matters to have an online authority.

Using guest posting not only the number of backlinks increase but can drive a more targeted audience to your blog, without much effort.

Did you know, I welcome guest blogging on this blog, too?

Use guest blogging for everyone's benefit.


  1. Guest posting can help your business develop a more robust online presence.

  2. Guest Blog posting is the ultimate way of getting do follow backlinks from high DA websites

  3. Thank you so much nets4 for creating content about guest posting it gives complete overview about it and it helped me a lot

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  5. Thanks for sharing, i am a blogger & know importance of technology guest blogging, i love to write & share about digital marketing.....
    i published the guest post on many sites, but i sent the guest post request to Forbes, I didn't get any reply from Forbes,....
    please let me know if you have any idea's to contribute the guest post on Forbes..


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