How do I improve/increase the page rank on Google?

How does my article be on the first page of Google search? Everyone's primary target when writing content is ranking on the first page of Google search results for the keywords in the article.

Let me say this is not an easy task, and it requires smart strategies to be number one.

If you have a blog with a good number of original content. You may find it hard to rank in search results.

From my experience, it's more than SEO, you need to consider for ranking on Google search results.

And I would like to share my views on this topic with you.

Things to note when you write an article

When you first write an article for your blog. Make sure your article is related to all other contents present on your blog.

Use of Keywords in your article.

Did you know niche blogs rank faster in Google search results since their entire articles or content is related to one common keyword?

This why I need to tell you that focus on a common keyword for every article you write.

Also, try to find some long keyword for your article and add it to it.

Make sure to use the keyword planner to know how much search has been made for the particular keyword you are focusing on.

Why so much importance on a keyword?

Keywords are what users use in a search bar. It is what Google searching for in its index.

If the keyword is found in your article. Your website has more chance to be visible on the search results.

A keyword is a foundation. You certainly need to build your article on it.

Or someone else's website will rank for the keyword, and they may drive more search traffic having the same topic of your article, with almost the same message.

How should you find and use the right keyword?

  1. Use a keyword planner to find the keywords which have more search.
  2. Make sure your keyword capture the attention of your readers.
  3. Add long keywords related to the common keyword you are having.
  4. Note down the keywords used by your competitors. Add it to your article if it is possible.
  5. Make engaging content/article without stuffing your keyword all over the material.
You may find more tips on using the keyword for your article.

But you just need to make sure that you are using the right keyword for your article.

Having great engaging content for your readers

Without good content, readers may just skip your blog and search for a better one.

This increases the bounce rate of your blog and will negatively impact your ranking on the search engine.

Always make sure to follow these things:
  1. Have a great title for your article, which captures the attention of everyone who sees your article on the search result.
  2. Also, make sure to have a well-written description for your article before you click the publish button.
  3. The use of sufficient titles and sub-headings in your article makes it easy to navigate through your article. You should really need to have excellent titles and sub-headings to grab the reader's attention. Make them stop the scrolling at each heading. 
  4. Use points (bulleted lists or numbered lists) whenever possible. You have an excellent chance to get featured in the search snippet if you use it right with good content.
  5. Write with 'I and You,' make each paragraph as storytelling. Each section in your article should feel like a conversation between you (the writer and the reader). This will really improve the engagement of the article.
  6. Use shorter sentences. I prefer no more than 3 sentences in a paragraph. The attention span of each reader is different. If you make it quick and informative. Readers are more likely to stay in front of your article.
  7. Make sure to add examples in your article. It can give more clarity to your content. And doing that, it makes it easier to understand by everyone.
  8. A good number of images in your article make understanding easy. According to your topic, you could also include some screenshots to your article. Pictures speak more words than a book. So it is important to add images to your article.
  9. In between the article, ask questions. Give them a brainstorm. It is crucial to ask questions and tell then to answer through the comment section to increase the engagement.
  10. Visually good. Your article should be displayed correctly to your viewers. This is a must for every blog.
  11. Provide links to your reference. You should definitely consider linking to the source of your article. Internal linking is also recommended in your article.

What are the ways to boost PageRank for an article?

If you want to boost the PageRank of an article in your blog. You may need to follow the link building strategy ( also known as backlinks ).

What is Link Building?

It is a way to increase the PageRank of a webpage by increasing the number of quality links from other websites/forums/comment sections.

This is actually an effective way to improve the PageRank of your website. 

But you need to make sure to have a good ratio of backlinks come from legitimate webpages.

The success of improving the PageRank depends on the total number of backlinks to your articles.

Keep in mind that backlinks from webpages with high page ranks are valuable. Incase if your backlinks are more from webpages with low PageRank, it can negatively affect your PageRank.

What are the ways to create backlinks?

If you know the importance of backlinks for a website. Your next question should be how to create them.

If you haven't started focusing on creating backlinks for your website. You should definitely do to improve the search traffic to your website/blog.

So, what are the ways...?
  1. The first thing you should do after publishing a blog post is to share with your community on social media. Encourage them to share. Also, make sure to add sharing buttons on the bottom side of each article. This is an important step you need to consider in your blog design.
  2. Use guest posting on other websites with backlinks to your newly created articles. This will not only increase the backlink but also drive some traffic to your blog content quickly. And I recommend everyone doing this.
  3. You can do forum posts on a popular website with a Signature on the bottom ( it should have a link to your website/blog ).
  4. YouTube description is a great place for adding links to your blog. Note that people watch videos more nowadays. Make them read your content through the video description.
  5. Commenting on other websites/blogs with links back to your site is another popular way to build backlinks to your site.
Have you finished with creating backlinks?

The next thing you can do is to engage with your community. 

If your content on another website is a HIT, you need to make sure the conversion rate. Which means people need to engage in the content on your blog.

So the landing pages, especially on the article pages. Content should be clearly visible.

Also, the loading speed of the article on your blog matters in SEO. I have already told you about this when selecting a good theme/template for your blog.

If you haven't read that, just go through the article on choosing a suitable template for your blogger blog. This article focuses on blogger templates.


Improving the PageRank on Google is difficult when you do not do it right. You need to have a great article to start with. I have explained in details on How to write an article for your blog.

Website design and speed also matters in this. Your content should be displayed in such a way that nothing blocks it from reading.

Backlinks to your article on of the most critical key to improving/increase the PageRank on Google.  Consider following the tips to increase the total number of backlinks to your site.

If you think other matters which can help in increasing the PageRank, please do share it in the comment section.

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