Google AMP for fast loading mobile experience - Challenges

Google AMP, an initiative by Google to speed up the website for mobile users. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Check out the Three reasons to implement AMP framework on your website.

You can find the advantages of implementing AMP from the above blog post link. But I need to stress the three important disadvantages of using AMP on your website.

The cons you may dislike with AMP

  • Discovery Problem: Most AMP pages get traffic mostly through Google Searches only. Non-Google traffic is very less for an AMP page.
  • Branding Challenge: When your AMP site appears on the Google search result, and when a user clicks on your website. The URL of your site will not be shown. Instead, Google's URL will be shown. This may affect your brand negatively.
  • Monetization Challenge: This is another problem faced by developers, those who install AMP on their website. Your choice will be limited for selecting AMP ready advertising platform.

There are many other disadvantages for using AMP, but I need to stress these important challenges with my readers.

Go through the above YouTube video to know how Cloudflare is trying to solve these issues. And recently Cloudflare announces amp-real-URL. Go through the article here.

If you are interested to know more about AMP, you can check out this blog. This blog contain some articles for those who have interest in AMP technology.

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