Send WhatsApp messages without saving the mobile number of the recipient

Sending messages through WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to contact a person.

Many times you will come across 'sending messages to WhatsApp numbers for buying a product'.

Or you may need to simply WhatsApp an acquaintance without saving his mobile number. But the problem is that to message any person on the App you need to save the recipients mobile number.

Here I would like to share a simple tip to skip the mobile number saving process.


How do I achieve sending WhatsApp messages without saving mobile number?

Use WhatsApp API to send without saving the mobile number

You won't need to install any other third-party apps to get this done. You can make use of the official API from WhatsApp to send messages directly without saving the mobile number.

How to make use of Official WhatsApp API?

To send messages directly you will need to visit a URL with the mobile number.

The format for the URL is as follows:<mobile-number>

One example is shown below:

 This is the format of the API to send messages directly to a mobile number on WhatsApp.

You can also use the WhatsApp API to prefill the text message.

It can be done by using the following format.<mobile-number>?text=<your-message>

One example of a prefilling text message is shown below:, How are you?

Conditions to properly work the API

You need to follow certain conditions to properly work this API.
  1. The mobile number should be valid and must be registered on WhatsApp.
  2. Country code is must, but don't use '+' symbol in the URL. In the example shown above, I have used the first two numbers '91' as the country code.
  3. When writing numbers, do not use spaces, plus signs, brackets, dashes or any other characters.
If there is a problem in the process you will be redirected to the error page, which is shown below in the screenshot.

And if you do not make any mistake with the API, you will be forwarded to the WhatsApp 'Continue to Chat' page.

From there you will be able to directly go to the messaging area of the recipient mobile number without saving any number on your mobile phone.

Need to Send a message directly without saving the contact number?

Use the below form to send a message directly to any WhatsApp number without saving it on your mobile phone.

Send WhatsApp Message Directly

Make sure to follow the conditions I have mentioned to send messages.

Final Words

Make use this tip to send messages to a WhatsApp using person without saving his/her number. This can be really useful in many situations.

This feature provided by WhatsApp is really helpful for contacting anyone who uses WhatsApp.

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