Google AMP: Three reasons to implement on Websites

Should you use Amp for your Website?

If a majority of your traffic is coming from mobile searches (especially from Chrome Mobile users), you should definitely use Google Amp on your Website. Does it mean that it will increase my site traffic? Well, it depends on what niche your site is about and other little things.

The three reasons to implement Google AMP on websites are to achieve more speed, user experience, and Rank higher in Google searches. This will eventually drive more traffic to your site and increase your source of income from websites.

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How about

That's an excellent question to ask. I prefer not to use Amp on the Blogger Blogspot platform. It is a much-complicated process, and I'm sure that you will regret it shortly. I have personal experience in this. 

You will need to create new blog posts and every page on your Website AMP Valid. It's a hideous process, and you surely going to hate it. And another thing is that you will also need to make changes to all your previous contents present in the blog AMP Valid.

Using templates from the internet is not going to save you from this. Even then, you need to change the HTML on each blog post to make it AMP compatible.

You may need to change the 'img' tag of your images that you upload directly into your blog. And should define the width and height of every picture you upload to Blogger.

Another problem you will encounter is in the Google Search Console, with so many errors. You will definitely need to spend too much of your valuable time on that part to correct the validation purpose.

So prefer not to use AMP templates on your blogger platform, instead use templates that are SEO friendly and are fast enough to load the contents to your visitors. That'd make everyone happy.

How about WordPress?

Yes, WordPress is an excellent platform to start using AMP. It is easy to set up Google AMP on WordPress powered sites with a few clicks. I recommend you to use AMP on WordPress.

In fact, you will get lots of plugin from this platform. Even the Official AMP plugin is available on the Plugin directory of WordPress. You should check it out from this link.

There are other plugins available in the market other than this official plugin. In the Official plugin, you will be very limited to customize it further for matching your Website's design.

There are so many themes available in the market to purchase, which supports Google AMP for a faster mobile experience. Buying premium themes or plugins will give you addon benefits in the future.

What if you wanna disable AMP on WordPress?

If you got ran into some issues while implementing AMP, you might need to disable it. So that visitors can view your actual mobile web page without any problem. If you need to properly Disable your AMP from your site, read this article form WpBeginner.

How does Google Amp Works?

The main 3 components used to build the AMP framework are the Amp Html, Amp JS, Amp Cache. And this part is the main reason for the fast loading of the site even under poor internet connection.
And many people don't like caching done by Google, as website content may or may not be updated in real-time. 

As told earlier, AMP pages are built with mainly three components. 

AMP Html: It is basically an HTML having some custom properties. Even-though tags used in HTML are regular. But, some HTML tags are replaced with specific AMP tags. Such as using an 'amp-img' tag instead of a simple 'img' tag. 

AMP JS: It is responsible for the fast rendering of AMP powered sites. It manages resources to be loaded on the webpage. It makes external resources in asynchronous so that nothing on the page can block anything from rendering.
AMP has many more features that make AMP what it is. All these are incorporated in the AMP JS library.

AMP Cache: In which the cache is used to load all the cached AMP HTML pages. Google AMP Cache fetches all the valid AMP HTML pages and caches them in the proxy-based content delivery network. In which all the images and js files are loaded from a single origin when your page loads firstly.

Three reasons to use Amp version of your Website

Page Speed

This is the main reason why google brings Amp into action. Most mobile sites don't load web pages fast enough. That may lead to a decline in traffic and user experience. Which causes significant income loss.
As you know, static content loads faster, Google is trying to cache, pre-load, and pre-render AMP content, so that users feel no lag when they are visiting your Website. 

In AMP, all external images or ads or iframes must state their size in the HTML so that AMP can determine each element's size and position before the actual resource is loaded.

So AMP loads the layout of the page without waiting for any resources to download. This significantly increases the page speed of AMP content.

User Experience

Of course, the user's experience in the site makes them visit again. When a search is made on, Google will show a list of sites that provide the best user experience. And the bad ones will far behind any web pages.

Doing what's best for the end-user experience, even if it is hard for the page creator. This is the Design Principle of the AMP Project. AMPs ought to convey a fabulous client experience and speed. But trading off some features for the sake of speed may cause developers to leave the project behind the desk.

So in your blog, if you wanna implement a new feature and if AMP does not provide support to that feature you need to use, eventually publishers might not like the AMP Project, and they leave it behind. AMP has done well in relief for bringing new features to improve the overall user experience. So to convert each user to money, you need to provide excellent user interaction with your site.

To Rank Higher in Search

And that's the third reason to choose AMP on your Website. When your site uses AMP, it's definitely going to affect your Search engine Rankings positively.

To rank higher on search results, AMPing your site will help you. Also, it can increase traffic as users can view more pages and read more articles on the Website without compromising speed and user experience.

Many cooperate companies have already implemented this technology to gain more readers.

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So, Amp Project helps us to speed up the web page load time. If you have a niche site. I don't recommend it there. You just need to optimize your website layout and contents for the current theme you are using. And try to improve your web page speed and make it more interactive. That's all it matters.

You can add Amp to your Website if you give more preference to user interactive experience than anything. It all depends on your niche.

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