Use of Image CDN for your website

Images convey more words than essays. Images are crucial for every website. They are the true reason your website is getting loved by visitors. And you should consider optimizing it for every device the visitor is coming from, no matter the mobile device, tab or a desktop.

Images should be compressed without any loss of quality. So that visitors/users browser load images faster even on slow networks. This is very important for SEO. Google now ranks websites based on page speed and load times. And if you use lots of images you may need to consider external services to optimize and showcase your images from the nearest point of visitors location.

Image CDN do this part well. In this article, I need to tell about the  Image CDNs you should consider using. When it comes to using a perfect and easy to use Image CDN. I pick They do a great job. They deliver images from the closest location of the visitor with low TTFB (Time to First Byte).

Their free plan comes with a 20GB monthly bandwidth. And it includes unlimited requests and image transformation. So you can change the quality, size, type of the image by changing the parameters of the image URL.

You can even restrict unsigned image URLs with Imagekit. The best part is that you don't really need an origin to use this service. You can simply upload all the images to Imagekit storage and directly use the image URLs in your website.

There are other features available with imagekit that you may need to explore.

One other website I recently found is the It is a completely free CDN for images, CSS, js for websites. It is powered by world-class CDN companies which include Fastly, Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, CDN77.

Currently, it doesn't allow purging cached resources. That is one downside I found for this service. You may need to contact them to purge the cache.

Consider using Image CDNs whenever possible. If you use Wordpress for your website, I would recommend Jetpack image CDN for your blog. It is doing a great part in catching and optimizing your images.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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