Cloudflare Analytics for any website

Most people who maintain a website come across Cloudflare for improving performance and security for their website. Cloudflare is one of the top brands which provides most of the essential features in the free plan.

When it comes to the security side, it protects us from many malicious activities on our website with its WAF (Web Application Firewall). It does provide the option to create custom firewall rules up to five. You can configure the firewall to block or challenge particular or group of countries, and filter based on user agents, cookie, hostname, URL etc...

And Cloudflare provides basic analytics for blocked or challenged requests. Unlike Google Analytics which works based on javascript, Cloudflare counts each request to the website from different IP as a new user. So when we look both analytics platform we see a huge gap between them.

There is an app called LogFlare which allows you to see realtime requests coming to your website. And it is a really cool feature. Logflare has the ability to search and filter each request and can configure alerts with slack. For up to 5,200,000 event logs per month, Logflare is free.


Cloudflare on the dashboard categories analytics based on Requests, Bandwidth and Unique Users. Which gives us only surface information about the website stats. Enterprise users can push analytics into external services. All others can pull the analytics from Cloudflare through API requests. Datadog is a log management service which has this ability to pull analytics from Cloudflare with simple setups.

The analytics of workers, DNS requests are also shown in the dashboard. The security tab shows the threat analytics along with number of bots crawled per particular period.

In the Products section of Cloudflare, there shows Analytics (which is currently in Beta) of all zones combined. This is pretty good. But the missing feature is we cannot filter any results at all in the dashboard. For that, we may need to use external services.

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