Choosing suitable template for your blogger blog

Blogger is an amazing product or tool from Google which provided for every Google user for free. It is an excellent platform to get started in building a blogging community

When you start creating your first blog with blogger. You really wanted to customize your blog based on some requirements you set. There are tons of article stating in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, that your blog should be fast, responsive, ads ready, and SEO friendly.

The default blogger templates presented on the blogger are meeting the above requirements. But the problem is that the design is not what you wanted. So you end up searching templates that suit you well.

There are lots and lots of blogger templates available on the Internet. You can find free to premium versions of blogger templates. Including AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ready blogger templates.

Things you need to consider before selecting a blogger template

  1. Template Type
  2. Use the relevant template type for your niche. If you have a photography blog, choose a template that has more features on displaying images in a beautiful way to your visitors. If you have a news blog, get a template that is a perfect fit for a news blog. There are sites available where you can search a blogger template by filtering the blog niche.

  3. Template Responsiveness
  4. Choose a template that is responsive to any device. No matter the mobile or desktop devices. Even if the orientation changes, the contents should be responsive enough to fit the device screen well. This is crucial for improving the user experience

  5. Speed of the blog
  6. The blog should load fully faster in any device without compromise. Google ranks your blog based on page speed also. Make sure, you use a template that uses minimum external scripts.

  7. SEO friendly
  8. Choosing an SEO friendly template is a little bit tricky on your side. Make sure to use a template from a popular blogger template provider. SEO is everything. It has a higher effect on appearing your blog posts on search results.

  9. Template Support
  10. When you set up an external blogger template make sure to use the template is up-to-date. For that, you may need support from the template provider. That's why you need to choose a popular blogger template provider.

Things you should consider after installing the template

  1. Don't overdo with template
  2. Do not over customize your blogger template all by yourself. There is more chance that you may need to change your template at some time later.

  3. Change default settings or contents
  4. Make sure to change all the default settings of your template which includes SEO related content that can be only edited in the Template XML (Extensible Markup Language) file or called the HTML source code.

  5. Customize widgets and colors
  6. Change the order and number of widgets, change the default theme color, etc. These are easy steps to do.

  7. Finally,
  8. Only after these steps, you can proceed to add other external widgets other than that is available with the template. Some templates do provide Facebook page widget by default.


So these are things you should remember when you set up a blogger template for the first time. These tips can surely help you move forward and even help you get your Adsense monetization approval easier. So make a note on these before you choose a suitable template for your blogger blog.

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