Things you need to check before applying for adsense

Adsense is considered as one of the best advertising networks available. But when you apply for Adsense for your website. There is a chance that your website might be rejected due to Community guidelines.

Adsense has so many guidelines, that there is much chance any website can be at risk anytime. And it is updating periodically.

Here I'm sharing some tips you need to check before you integrate Adsense ad code on your website. They are as follows: 
  1. First, you need to make sure you have original unique content in your blog or website. Also, there should be a number of posts on your blog. This step is the most important one toward applying for Adsense.
  2. Then you should look at your website template. The website or blog should have proper navigation links to all the essential pages which include About page, Privacy Policy page, Contact Page etc. 
  3. The contents present in your site should not mislead the visitors. During the integration of Adsense ads, do not use any other advertising network on the website. Later you can add other networks to the website. Blog contents including images should not be copyrighted material or Adsense prohibited contents.
  4. Make sure internal or external scripts don't interrupt Adsense ad from being viewed. Adsense team will check for it. Do not implement the code in such a way that ad is triggered multiple times frequently.
  5. Use a top-level domain (TLD) when you apply for Adsense. Do not try to use subdomains when you apply for it. Apply with the root domain. Later add subdomains to it. You need to manually verify and get approved for each subdomain of your root domain to show ads on your website or blog. If possible apply only after a period of 6months for increasing the chances of acceptance.
  6. Get organic traffic to your website. Even though Adsense don't require traffic to your website. But when you apply for it, make sure your website or blog receives good organic traffic for fast approval.
Make sure you follow these steps. It can increase your chances of approval of your website with Adsense process.


There isn't any trick available to fool the Adsense approval process. Each application is being verified by the Adsense team, and they make sure you are following community guidelines. Also, make sure you are following their community guidelines even after your site got approved. Else, they will ban your website or account. 

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