Registering a domain name for your website

Every business online has a cache web address. These are called domain names. You must need to register by paying a fee for the domain name. In the early days, many people used to type the IP address of the webserver to visit a website. 

But ICANN ( The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ) who controls the naming system on the internet makes it easy for people to visit websites by domain names, which point to the IP address of the website.

Which domain extension should you choose?

I would go for the .com extension firstly. Only if the domain name I searched for is not available, or if it is a premium domain that I can't afford, I go for other extensions like .org, .io, .net, etc.

There are plenty of other extensions available for you on the internet. Like .store, .tv according to the purpose of your website. Choosing a .store extension will be useful if you are starting an e-commerce website, for example.

The availability of the extension from different registrars makes matter selection of your extension. Popular registrars like Godaddy, Google domains have a wide range of extensions that is suitable for your need.

In the case of better SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), you may need to choose a TOP Level domain extension. Search visibility of your website on Search engines like Google and Bing will be more for TOP Level domain names.

There are some extensions with restrictions. Such as .app extension can only be used in a secure connection. Otherwise, the website or app might fail to load. Other extensions can be purchased by people who recede in a particular country.

Different extensions have different renewal price. I think .com is the most popular and cheapest TOP Level domain extension available for you.

How to choose a domain name for your brand or website?

Choosing the best name that is available for registration is one hideous task. You may be able to find the right name for your brand yourself so easily. But it might not be available for you to register since someone might have already purchased the domain name before you.

Brand names should be chosen in a way that should be easily pronounced with no confusion in spelling. So you should be careful in choosing your domain name. This is a critical step for every business out there.

Even the length of the domain name matters when it comes to choosing a suitable domain name for your website. Short names usually end up in premium domains for a .com extension.

To make this process easy, you can use services which help you choose domain names and logo. I would prefer Namelix to generate the right domain name that is available for registering and for creating a good logo for your brand.

How to register a domain name?

To register a domain name, you need to buy the domain from a domain registrar. There are many domain registrars available. The list includes Godaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, etc.

I prefer Namesilo over others. Unlike other providers, their focus is mainly on domain registrations. They provide free WHOis privacy protection with the lowest price available in the market. They do have an excellent support team as well.

If you cared about SEO and wanted to establish authority in the domain. Make sure to purchase the domain for at least 2 years. And switch on to auto-renewal.

After that, add A records with the IP address of your host, which you got from the hosting provider. You can also change your nameserver and even forward emails to your preferred email with the domain registrar.

Note: If you use Cloudflare, after domain registration you can transfer the domain name to Cloudflare registrar. It offers no service fee for renewal. It will be the lowest renewal price you will ever get on the internet.


Register a domain name that is easy to remember with a short name. And go for the .com extension. Your domain name will showcase the identity of your brand. Choose it wisely. Remember to follow the instructions given in this blog post. This will surely help you in some way to move forward in your business.

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