Things you need to consider for great SEO blogging

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of achieving good ranking on different search engines. To rank your website on the first pages of the search result. You need to take care of SEO. And it is the most important thing you need to consider to receive Organic Search Traffic to your website.

Which Search Engines should you consider?

Google is the most popular search engine out there. If you want to receive traffic other than from China or Russia, you should consider ranking on Google seriously. Because of more people on Internet searches on Google. And they're so much potential to get Organic Search Traffic from Google search results.

Should I need to have a domain?

Yes, you should definitely consider buying a domain name for your blog. I do not recommend you to start with a subdomain like or Consider buying it now before someone else will reserve your dream domain name.

I will recommend to buy your domain name. Because it is one of the cheapest domain providers with an excellent dedicated support team. Also, WHOis privacy is free for almost all the possible domains.

What should you start writing for your blog?

Well, this entirely depends on your niche. But Google Keyword Planner can help you choose the keyword for your niche you are writing. This will surely help you drive more traffic to your blog without much effort from your side.

I think you should really consider what people are searching for based on your niche. So you need to write more articles based on the top-ranking or most sought keywords on Google.

How about the language?

This will determine your audience. There are so many articles available on the internet in English. But the availability of items on local languages is comparatively less.

So you may need to first determine your audience. If your choice is the local audience, choose your own language for better ranking on search engines like Google.

The one tool you should definitely use for SEO

Its the Google Search ConsoleEverybody who cares about ranking in Google should have an account on Google Search Console and add their domain to get full insights of their website on Google search.

This will help you know how much traffic you got for each blog post. The insights provide more information, search traffic queries, countries, devices, pages, etc.

It also provides detailed information on different kinds of SEO issues your site has. And notifies you about the speed of your site, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) issues, etc. for your website.

So Google Search Console should be used by anyone serious in getting more traffic to their site through Google search.

Will website design and speed matters?

Of course, according to your blog niche, you should have an excellent design with easy to navigate options for navigating through all pages of the blog. This will help you increase engagement in the blog.

Also, having a high loading speed will improve your search ranking on Google in a positive way. So do optimize your website for a more engagement perspective.

Do backlinks really matter?

Yes, even if somebody told you backlinks don't matter. I would say it does matter. It is really recommended to get some backlinks from popular websites with competent domain authority.

It also matters when you are linking to other popular websites. This does matter in SEO perspective.

Share your content with everyone ( includes Guest posting )

Make sure your audience can share your post. Make the share buttons attractive for more engagement on them. This will surely help you gain some traffic or even new subscribers to your blog.

Sharing your posts on social media after publishing is really important. This will help you reach a broad audience.

Also, make sure to use guest posts on other websites, and link back to your blog posts whenever possible to attract some visitors to your blog.

How should your content be?

Your content should be easily readable by anyone. Make use of images whenever possible. It will surely attract more readers to your blog.

Usually, I prefer no more than 3 sentences for a paragraph. I make it short. So my audience can read all the content better. 

Make it easy to read and understand. This matters the most in blogging.

What Competitors do matter in SEO.

If you need to rank on the top position for a particular keyword. You may need to look at your competitor site. After that, you may need to borrow some content from them and showcase them in your own style.

Also, make sure your content is unique and outstanding than the competitor. You should also note and write about the material they miss in their blog post.


These are some SEO based tips you may need to consider when you start your blog for the first time. It will surely help you rank high enough in the Google search.

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