How to get more engaging traffic to your blog or website?

You want traffic. You need to be at the best place for guest posting. Do guest posting to improve the flow of traffic to your blog/website. This is by far the best thing you could do to get some engaging traffic.

Not only it will help you get engaging traffic, but it will also help you get backlinks to your blog/website.

For this blog Nets 4 - Know the Internet, I mostly do guest posting to increase the traffic to my website. And I think it works faster than anything.

If you are serious in your blogging carrier, do not rely only on one method. If your primary method fails, that's the end of your business.

What other methods to get traffic?


Promoting your content through advertising is the best way. Business use advertising to get leads on their website. 

Similarly, you could promote your articles by advertising. This method is efficient to get the targeted audience for your content.

Commenting on other websites: 

Did you know comments are the most engaging part of any blog? Everyone scrolls and read the comments to get more clarification of the article.

People use comments to clear their doubts. And to see some FAQs.

Note: Commenting on other websites with a link to our articles will help you get some backlinks.

Social Media: 

Use it effectively to get more traffic. Embed your social media widgets or links across your blog.

It can be helpful for you later. You could share your contents to your social media followers to make them stay.

What are the different ways to get traffic?

  1. Do Guest posting on other websites, and link back to one or two of the article of your blog/website.
  2. Encourage users to subscribe to your blog. So you can effectively send users with the latest posts and updates.
  3. Social media, make your audience to follow you on different social media. So they will with you all the time.
  4. Make your content as unique as anything your competitor could ever provide. People stay with unique content.
  5. Make your website/blog very attractive. Make it blazing fast. So host it on a great platform.
  6. Engage with your readers through comments and reactions. Always try to reply.
  7. Add contents regularly to make your followers stay.

These are some tips you could follow easily. Remember, content is the King. Without the good quality of content, no one gonna stay.

Things you could do to make your article engaging

  1. Use a simple template/theme for your blog
  2. Make your article simple, readable and easy to understand.
  3. Paragraphs with no more than 3 or 4 sentences.
  4. Add sufficient headings, bulletins and even quotes in your article.
  5. Clearly express your ideas with images whenever possible. Images should have good quality and should express the contents in the article.

Wrapping Up

Relying on only one method is not good. You should have traffic to your content from different platforms.

So if one method fails, your business isn't down. Other methods still may support you reach your goal.

Your content is what you need to focus more. People are on your blog because of that.

Update your blog/website with relevant and useful contents/articles for your readers.

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