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Blogs without any traffic are terrible for the blogger. People need to engage with the blog to receive more traffic and income from ads or affiliates or anything. For that, the curated content needs to be available for everyone.

There comes the simple word called 'sharing', which takes care of reaching content to a wide audience. It will help the blogger to reach readers friends and family and to bring a more engaging audience to your blog. 'Sharing is caring' someone told some days ago.

In this article, I need to tell you about 2 sites who help us embed their widget to share our content with the world. One is the popular site and other is

Both sites offer other widgets too, but I want to focus on the sharing widgets. The javascript fully loading time is almost the same for both the websites. But in my test, ShareThis wins for the fully loaded time with fewer bytes send.

In terms of options provided by both tools, AddThis provides more customization option when compared with ShareThis. AddThis supports on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages. And it has a great analytics dashboard which tells you about the number of shares you received for particular posts and all.

Meanwhile, when you click on the share button of the widgets provided, ShareThis will directly redirect to the assigned social media platform or site without going to their website first. In this scenario, AddThis will first redirect to their domain and then forward it to Facebook or twitter according to the visitor's selection of sharing button.

For both of these sites, you need to register your email account with them to getting started. I would also like to mention one more site which is which do not require user registration to start off.

Hope you find this article helpful for you to choose your perfect sharing widget for your website. Thanks.

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