6 FREE AMP Ready Blogger Templates for Blogspot Domains in 2020-2021

Want to use Free AMP theme for Blogger? 

You might have heard about the fast loading amp pages. But you have problems in implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages Amp on your Blogspot blog. You don't really like the process of converting all your blog posts amp ready? Then you come to the right place. 

Here, I provide 6 free amp ready blogger template for you. You can download it for free and upload it into the Theme session of your blog. This is one of the best choices you have if you need to use Amp on your Blogspot pages.

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Should I really use Amp on Blogger? 

Using a free amp template for blogger really depends on your passion for blogging and all. But, before you choose Amp in a blogger, you need to know something. After you have successfully installed an amp blogger template on your blog. You need to check some these things to maintain the amp badge in Google searches:

How to setup amp in blogger?
  1. Make sure old posts and pages are Amp valid. Also, make sure of SEO optimization. If not, you need to change each component present in your blog amp valid. This is crucial to avoid warnings in the Google search console.
  2. Create new posts & pages and check the Amp validation using the AMP Validator. So you can find the exact error you are encountering during validation.
  3. In some amp templates, you need to make sure that you turned off the mobile version of your blog in the Theme session. Else it will create an error during the process.
  4. If you are trying to implement new features in the blog, make sure all those additional changes are validated by AMP Validator.
  5. Make sure your template is ad ready.

I have already discussed the benefits of Amp on your website. And I have even explained the difficulties you will gonna face while you are implementing Amp on your Blogspot domains. You can check out that article from this link.

What I miss while using Amp in Blogger? 

Obviously, you will lose all the 3rd party functions which are not part of the Amp project. Actually Blogger.co officially doesn't support Amp. But, some designers forcibly removed all the XML tags from the template which are not Amp compatible to make the Blogger blog Amp compatible.

And this is not at all recommended in the long run. But, I am sure that at some point, Google will introduce this feature to all Bloggers around the world.

How to upload or setup AMP in blogger?

To setup amp in blogger, you need to follow the steps below in your blogger dashboard.

Download the Amp Template: You need to download the Amp Template from the links provided on this website.
Open Blogger Dashboard: And goto the Theme session on the dashboard.
Upload the Template: Click on 'Backup/restore' and choose your file to upload and save it.

You are good to go: You have successfully uploaded the Amp Template.

6 Free Amp Ready Blogger Templates

Let me dive into the central part now. And I like to say that you need to use Amp only if you wish to give a better user experience. If you are looking for money kinda thing, you can use Amp on other platforms like WordPress but not on Blogger.com.

GOO AMP: Blogger Template

This is the first Amp blogger template I will choose. I use this template in one of my personal blog. And it serves its purpose clearly. Even though I have edited and removed some parts, I really love this Blogger template.


It loads faster than any average blogger templates. The site loads more quickly on mobile and desktop also. As a result, you will get a better experience on your blog.

It has a good no of features. And that is why I recommend this Amp blogger template first. And the theme looks pretty good on Mobile and Desktop.


TheAMP: Blogger Template

Sorry to say that this one is not free to download. This one of the best Amp blogger themes. You will really gonna like this if you are making an event niche site. Because it is designed for an event niche site.


This theme claims 100% SEO friendly and looks like the site loads very, very fast. You really need to test this template before you use any free amp templates.

This is from TemplateMark, and you can see their pricing and demo from their webpage.

Ayudadeblogger: Amp Blogger Templates

This one is not a template. It is a collection of free and premium Blogger Amp templates you surely need to look at. If you miss this one. You will surely gonna regret it. I have really loved the templates provided by them.

From this website, you will get many Amp Ready Blogger templates which you can directly use in your blog theme.

The best thing is that Ayudadeblogger provides you a wide variety of Amp Ready blogger templates for free. And they also offer premium templates for the best.

Mark my words, this is by far the best collection of Amp blogger templates you will find on the internet. You will not get it from anywhere else. You can check all these templates from this link.

AMP HTML: Blogger template 

If you need an immaculate template for your blog without any unwanted widgets. This template best suits you.

And I recommend this template if your blog traffic is entirely coming from mobile devices. Else it is not suitable for your purpose.

Again I'm sorry to say that this is one of the templates which is not fully Amp Valid ( at least for me). It shows me some validation errors for me. It is fixed quickly by anyone by following steps provided by the validator, and I finally succeed. But with this template, your site loads faster than your eye blink.


Kompi Design: Amp Blogger Template

This one is an old-style blogger template which is Amp Ready. I used this in one of my blogs. As a result, I could drive more traffic to my blog than that made by previous sites.


This template highlights your latest blog post. Both in mobile and desktop, the site loads faster enough without any lag in user experience.

You should also check this template for your blog.


So Nubie AMP Blogger Template

One of the best good looking and very fast loading AMP Blogger template from IDNTheme.This template is SEO friendly and loads very fast on mobile and desktop devices.


I found this template as the best good looking and responsive AMP Template for Blogger.

If you consider using AMP on your Blogger blog, you should definitely consider this.

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So, these are the list of Best 6 free Amp Blogger Templates for Blogspot Domains. And I have included in my belief the best ones I found on the internet. 

You should need to know about these templates if you are planning to use Amp on your Blogspot website. This list of free amp theme for blogger can help you choose the right theme for your blog.

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