How to Install Amp on your WordPress website

If you are using WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS). You probably would like to install Amp on your blog. It will help you speed up your website in mobile devices. Thereby increasing your user experience and also help in boosting your website traffic. In this article, I will show you how to properly install the official Amp Plugin on your WordPress website. 

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Why do you need to install Amp?

You should be asking for how AMP is essential for your website traffic growth. Accelerated Mobile Pages, better known as AMP, will cuts down unwanted scripts and all from your site and use a caching system to provide only the required information to the visitor.

This will help you speed up your website. I have already explained the three benefits of using Google Amp on your website. And also emphasized the role of SEO in Amp powered sites. And you should read this article before continuing. 

And most importantly, if your traffic is coming from mobile devices. In most cases, it comes from mobile. You should need to implement something that will give a great user experience for mobile users. Google prefers websites which are responsive across any platform.
So, if you have a mobile-friendly website which loads very fast. You can move the Amp Project to your wishlist. Because I don’t suggest Amp if your site loads very faster on mobile devices. It’s recommended not to use Amp unless your site is a News website.

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Which Plugin should I install?

You will get a lot of plugins from the WordPress directory. You can choose according to your need and availability of features. Unless the plugin is updated continuously. Your website will be vulnerable to bugs and all. 

If you are serious about your blog and don’t want to experiment anything. Just go and install the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress. You should not look further.
And if you are ready to test your website with better AMP plugin. You can definitely try other plugins. You should always remember that AMP uses caching technology. And if Goggle indexed your AMP version of your blog or site. It may take a little to update your AMP cache on their system.


This is the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress. If you install this plugin on your WordPress website. You will get the updates right out of the box. You don’t need to worry about the updating of this plugin. The plugin is supported by thousands of developers around the globe. 

It has listed out its features in the Plugin page. It includes,
  • AMP-first Experiences
  • Core Theme Support
  • Compatibility Tool
  • CSS Tree Shaking
  • AMP Stories (beta)

You can read more about these features on the Wordpress Plugin Page.

Another great feature supported by this plugin is that it is configured to support one of three different template modes: Standard, Transitional, and Reader

In Standard mode, there won’t be any separate AMP or non-AMP versions. In Transitional mode and Reader mode, there will be canonical URL as well as AMP URL. 

Steps to Install AMP for WordPress

Firstly, you need to install and activate the AMP for WordPress plugin. After you have successfully activated the plugin. You can update or modify the AMP design of your WordPress site by navigating to Appearance >> AMP

There you can customize your Header Text Color, Header Background & Link Color, Color Scheme, etc. Further, you can modify AMP settings on the AMP tab on the Left Menu.

2. AMP for WP

Another Popular AMP plugin for WordPress. This one of the top-rated plugin for Amp Project. There are lots of features available on this plugin. You can check it out here.

And there are extensions available so you can expand the features of your AMP theme. Check it out some of the extensions from them. 

In my personal opinion, use this plugin only if you have a less traffic blog with less content. I always suggest you install the Official plugin.


Configuring AMP for your website is crucial. And choosing the best suitable plugin for your website is more important. Take time and decide what features you need and install the plugin which suits best. I recommend you to install the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress. But it varies with persons and websites.

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