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Blogging is one of the big things on the internet. Everything on the internet is based on blogging. Even the news articles you find on the internet is a part of the blog. 

Blogging is loved by everyone. Many people make decent income with blogging on a variety of platforms on a wide range of articles.

In this article, I would like to talk about the new blogging platform introduced by HtmlSave is a fantastic website, and it helps you to save and host simple HTML, JS, CSS codes online. And it is fast and easy.

Check out an example blog of HTML save. It will give you a more precise idea of how the blog looks. HtmlSave is providing little configuration settings on the dashboard to configure the blog.

If you are a serious blogger or a passionate blogger. Never use this platform. This is for just beginners for testing purposes. You can't currently even add your own domain with them.

This service is minimal. And is made for absolute beginners only for learning purposes. You may need to choose other platforms like blogger, medium, or even Wordpress for serious blogging.

I have attached an image below to showcase the example blog made with HtmlSave.

The advantage of HtmlSave is that you can create and learn HTML, JS, CSS quickly by testing. It is fast enough for everyone and uncomplicated and simple to understand for beginners.

We can surely give a "Why not try now?" badge for this website. You can start the blogging environment in straightforward steps. All you need to do is visit the website and start creating your first learning site with them.

How to start creating an HTML site online?

There is an excellent video tutorial that is provided on the Youtube channel of HtmlSave regarding this. I have embedded the video below.

That's all. After generating or creating your site, you can navigate to the 'manage blog' section to start creating blog posts for that particular site.


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