How to improve the domain authority of a website?

Domain Authority (DA) can be defined as the ranking score given to a site based on many factors like the total backlinks, traffic, links, and other aspects.

It can sometimes help us know the trust value of the domain. Higher the domain authority, it is more likely a user-friendly website.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), higher the domain authority, the site has more chance to rank on the top position than sites having lower domain authority.

So you really need to take care of improving the Domain Authority score.

There are tools available online which calculate the Domain Authority of a website with the data collected from your site and others'.

The domain authority score usually ranges from 0 to 100 on popular SEO tools.

Accessible tools include MOZ, Ahref, Semrush...

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Does the domain authority need to be improved?

Yes, it really matters in ranking on Google.

Why Domain Authority is important?

The higher the authority of your domain name, then chances are, getting traffic from search to your blog will be more.

You can improve the Domain authority of your site by adding more content on your site and creating backlinks and improving the social media presence.

Then, Google and other ranking tools will see your site has the potential and have more credibility than other websites on the Internet.

Do you know DA for a new site will be zero?

The domain authority of this blog according to Ahref website authority checker is very low. This is reasonable because I have purchased the domain name and started publishing articles on this blog recently.

Sometime later you can check it again with the same domain. You may find an increase in the ranking (hopefully) of the domain name.
For other tools like Moz, Semrush the score may be different. This is because different tools will have a different approach to rank websites.

You can find that higher the authority of the site, you will have more search traffic.

In my situation, I would need to boost the credibility of this website through measures such as using social media like Facebook, YouTube, posting more posts on my blog and improving the reputation of this blog.

How to score high DA for your site?

Now you know Domain Authority (DA) is important. And it is one factor made of many factors to improve Search Traffic from search engines.

Steps to score on Domain Authority

You may need to check your domain score and your competitors' to start and act accordingly. You can use all the tools I have mentioned above to check the score of your domain name.

Surely it is not an easy task and it requires time and patience along with a good number of high-quality content.

Optimizing On-page SEO of your site

For better DA, you will need to optimize the SEO of your site. It can include the word count on each page, internal and external links, keywords, navigation, headings, sub-headings, site structure, the structure of the URL, etc...

This is why you may need to choose a premium theme or template for your blog. SEO friendly theme will have a great impact on On-page SEO.

Focus on adding more high-quality content

I have already mentioned this several times. Write high-quality articles for your site. 

If you have more than 100+ articles on your blog. You have more chances to rank on Google search.

When I started blogging, I realised the importance of content. And understood that, adding more useful content to my blog can really help me drive more traffic.

Adding more high-quality content can reduce the bounce rate of your blog. People always spend time on great articles.

Make sure to have at least 400 to 800 words per blog posts. It is recommended to have 1000+ words for an article to rank well on search results. 

Remember for any post you write on your blog can not be of interest to everybody. But making more posts will help you get readers to jump to their area of interest.

It will also help you add a score to your Authority of the keyword used in the article. 

The number of pages along with new fresh content on your blog also helps you boost the DA score.

Building Links to your content

Backlinks play an important role in Domain Authority score.

I found out that backlinks matter on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When I first started writing articles on this blog, I do not focus on backlinks because I haven't purchased a domain name. I used the free Blogspot subdomain.

Later when I realised the importance of registering a domain name for my blog. Only then I started building links to my blog.

I used Quora, Medium and other sites to link back to my website. And I'm guest posting to create more backlinks to my blog.

All the popular websites on the Internet have a good amount of backlinks from high DA sites. And they tend to rank well on Google Search results.

Many SEO tools in the market rank websites mainly on the number of backlinks it has from popular sites.

Having a good number of backlinks can surely improve the DA.

Remember that backlinks from high DA are recommended always. Creating backlinks from low DA sites will slow down your domain score.

Make sure to remove all the bad links to your site. You can request to remove bad links. And make create good links by doing the guest posting, commenting on high DA websites.

Improving User experience and trust

This is one small thing for high DA.

Even though these aren't directly affected in the Domain score on the popular SEO tools. It is recommended to note these.

User experience on your site can be improved by having great navigation and site design. Speed of the website also helps in improving the experience on your site.

Do not prompt users with banners and annoy users. Advertising on your site should not affect user experience.

When it comes to Trust, you really need to build it around your users for better engagement.

Your social presence can help you boost the trust around your identity. Make sure to always engage with your users to increase the trust.

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How domain authority is affected by SEO?

SEO is one key factor which affects the visibility of every domain on search engines. That's why, my step to score on domain authority, was to optimize the on-page SEO of your site. 

If your site is not at all optimized to show the content to your users by following proper on-page SEO. Chances are the visibility of your content to bots will be harder. This can significantly affect your authority score.

So you really need to follow every aspect of SEO to improve the authority of your domain.


Improving the domain authority of a site takes time. And is a slow process, if your identity (brand value) is not strong.

Following SEO and link building can also help you gain more score for your domain name. Also, make sure to improve the user experience, trust whenever you update your site content.

The content present on your site boosts DA. Always focus on high-quality content for your site. It can significantly help you in the long run.

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